This is a list of equipment that I spoke about in the November 24th 2020 “Cheap & Useful Test Equipment” presentation for the DMRAA Radio Club.

RTL-SDR DongleNone$25
SureCom SF-103 Frequency CounterYouTube$50
SureCom SW-33mk2 HT MeterYouTube$40
Aneng AN8203 MultimeterYouTube$25
MiniDSO DSO-213 OscilloscopeYouTube$200
MiniDSO LA-104 Logic AnalyzerYouTube$100
TinySA Spectrum AnalyzerYouTube$80
Deepelec NanoVNA-FYouTube$100
RFExplorer 6G ComboYouTube$350
RFExplorer Signal GeneratorYouTube$190
Broadband Noise SourceNone$31
Another Broadband Noise GeneratorNone$22
Many of these items can be more easily purchased at Amazon