Yes, I’m still here, just not much to publicly say in the last few months.

This weekend is the first of 2011 the Des Moines Renaissance Faire, and Mary and I are planning attendance for at least one day of each weekend. I decided to program schedule into Google calendar so I could have a handy reference as to what was going on, where it was and when.

I thought someone else might be interested, so I made the calendar public.

The easiest way is to email this link to an account you can access on your iDevice and then tap on the link in that email:

After you tap it, it will prompt you to install it as a new calendar, just say yes. I recommend viewing it in list view on a small screen.

Android and other device users should be able to use it too, but I can’t guide you with instructions. It’s probably pretty similar to iOS.

I plan to add the events on the Friday before the weekend so it’s as current as possible. I think they will automatically update since it is a subscribed calendar.

You can also download the schedule in iCal format by clicking here.

Standard disclaimers apply, I have no affiliation with the festival, etc.