I’m a big fan of Heil products, they make excellent and (up until recently) custom tailored headsets for amateur radio.

Their smaller Traveler series headset is designed for use with HT’s and mobile radios, and just like their larger cousins you can purchase one generic headset and separate coiled cord adapters for each ht you intend to use it with.

This is a great system. My traveler has been in use for many years, way longer than my average HT. The problem is with many modern HT’s no longer use the standardized connectors that their predecessors used for so many generations. Some manufacturers use new ones that can be sourced from standard component houses, some opt to supply pigtails for the amateur homebrewer. Most provide short pigtails so you can use your older accessories or interface them for packet radio.

More commentary as well as Heil Traveler Pin Out information after the break…

Heil can’t offer a direct adapter for these newer radios, they require that you purchase the pigtail, and then their classic adapter for the older HTs. The problem with this is by the time you add the pigtail, plus the cable length of the Traveler, plus the cable length of Heil’s adapter, you end up with 10′ of cable to go from your belt to your head. Now I’m a tall man but that’s still rather excessive.

The other issue with this is Heil claims they’re unable to supply cables pre-made for these newer HT’s. They require you to use the manufacturer’s adapter and one of their older cables. I decided I didn’t like this so I opted to homebrew my own. I was really surprised to see that in all this time I couldn’t find any information on the internet for the Heil Traveler pin out. So a few minutes with a screwdriver and multimeter and here’s what I have. Hopefully it’ll show up in a search for the next guy who just wants a shorter cable.

Heil Traveler Pinout
1 – Mic 2 – NC
3 – + Switch (Closed Ground) 4 – – Switch (Closed Ground)
5 – PTT Switch (Closed Ground) 6 – Ground
7 – 8 – Ear

For those of you who wish to make an adapter for the Icom IC-92 series HT, here is how I wired mine using after cutting the ends off of an OPC-1797. The pin numbers for the Icom connector below reference the actual HT connector, however I’ve provided the other end as well so if you just note which you cut off from where you can figure out the rest pretty easily. I opted to not wire in the up/down buttons, although you could do so since Icom supports a limited remote operation from their hand mics.

Heil Traveler to IC-92
Heil #1 (Mic) -> IC92 #1 (2.5mm Tip)
Heil #2, 3, 4 – NC
Heil #5 -> Heil #7
Heil #6 -> IC92 #6, #8 (2.5mm Shield, 3.5mm Shield)
Heil #7 -> Heil #5
Heil #7 -> R22K -> Heil #1
Heil #8 -> IC92 #7 (3.5mm Tip)

When finished, my adapter looked like this:

Heil Traveler IC-92 Adapter

Heil Traveler IC-92 Adapter

As with everything else found on the Internet, feel free to use this information for whatever you wish but know that you do so at your own risk. It worked for me, it may even work for you, but it’s equally likely that it will cause smoke to pour forth from your expensive handheld.