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Proporta iPod Touch Case

Cases are finally starting to come out for the new 4th generation iPod touch.

There were practically no options when I purchased iTouch about 2 weeks after they came out so I was limited to a silicon skin that wrapped around the back. These are nice, but they’re not suitable for pocket carry and I spent a lot of time being careful of exactly where my iTouch was and what was near it. Cases are pretty personal items, and everyone has different tastes in what they want. I like the “old school” leather PDA flip cases where the screen cover flips over the top and onto the back giving you access to the device.

I found what I was looking for in the Proporta Aluminum Lined Leather Case. It took a while to get here from the UK, but the wait was worth it. This is a very nice quality case with good leather, excellent and precise cutouts for the screen and controls, a nice lining, excellent stitching and a weak magnetic closure that’s just enough to do the job without getting in the way of anything. Oh, and it has an aluminum plate stitched into the lid so I can keep it in my pocket and not worry about any blunt objects beating against the screen. To make it even better, the case is only $39.00. More expensive than eBay to be sure, but much cheaper than similar offerings from EBCases or Vaja.

After I started using the case I quickly found a problem with it. I couldn’t see my screen anymore. It seems Proporta (and a quick Google search will tell you pretty much every other case company) forgot a cutout for the automatic brightness sensor on the 4G iPod Touch. The easy solution is to turn off automatic brightness. I like the automatic brightness feature.

The sensor is very difficult to see on the face of the iTouch, only under extremely bright circumstances can you just barely make out a red dot about 5/8 of an inch to the right of the camera. I had an old leather punch in the garage, I knew roughly where it was so after a quick search it was thawing out inside the house. It was more rusted than I remember it, probably due to it’s origins as a Harbor Freight special.

I really didn’t want to deface my new case, I do think it’s one of the better ones I’ve had. I measured the location of the sensor, then I measured it on the case. I did both again just to be sure and I marked the spot and punched a new hole.

Now it’s perfect.

PDA Evolution: iPod Touch

It’s been a while since I last commented on the iPhone 3GS. So long that I actually no longer have the 3GS.

Due to an unfortunate circumstance involving my cat, my old faithful iPod video, and insufficient cleanup work I found myself needing a new iPod. I thought about the direct replacement, the iPod classic, but then the shiny new iPod touch 4G caught my attention. Since 64GB is enough to hold my entire library (with about 30GB left for the future) it seemed just about perfect. I recycled the 3GS via CraigsList, added a bit too much extra, and presto it morphed into a great new iPod Touch 4.

Read on for more ramblings about the iPod Touch 4…

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